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What's Oxygen Pure System?

It is a system that purifies both air and water, increases immunity and strengthens health.

  • It estroys smog, odors, toxins, heavy metals, free radicals.
  • It purifies water - it removes chlorine, rust, energizes and alkalizes it.
  • It eliminates artificial hormones, antibiotics, parasites from meat and fish.
  • It destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, indoor mold.
  • It purifies molecularly, ecologically, without harmful substances.
  • It has therapeutic efficacy in multiple diseases.
  • It is economical; it has no consumables.
  • It has 10 year warranty

How Oxygen Pure System Purifies Water?

The ink water becomes perfectly clean, drinkable, oxygenated,
alkaline in the purification process.
Oxygen Pure System eliminates bacteria, viruses, chlorine, odors, color, heavy metals.

How does Oxygen Pure System work?

  • Oxygen Pure System is a multifunctional molecular purifier. Its principles are biocompatible and perfectly similar to the physicochemical processes observable in nature.
  • This system incorporates modern, environmentally friendly technologies, based on the selective collection of harmful particles and their decomposition.
  • It purifies at the molecular level.
  • Oxygen Pure System generates high-frequency pulses that trigger an accelerated molecular oxidation reaction that spreads rapidly in air and liquid media.
  • Thus, harmful microparticles are forced to detach from air or water molecules and decompose into simple, harmless formations without the possibility of forming new bonds.
  • The oxidation reaction is short-lived (5-30 min), depending on the schedule, is entirely environmentally friendly and does not affect humans or animals.

Everybody wants to be healthy and live in a clean and safe environment.

Oxygen Pure System is used in:

  • all crowded public areas - in heavy traffic, where there is a high risk of transmitting bacteria and viruses through direct or viral contact.
  • offices, schools and kindergartens, public institutions, waiting rooms, locker rooms, gyms, shops, receptions, and counters.
  • medical spaces, because any medical office, clinic, beauty salon, etc., must comply with the disinfection rules and sterilization of ambient air, instruments, work equipment, surfaces, etc. - such measures are essential because the clients' health and the safety of the doctor or the beautician are crucial.
  • spaces with mold-risk, in rooms with high temperatures and humidity, in poorly ventilated rooms, with furniture supported by walls, in bathrooms, toilets, closets, cellars, car garages, etc.

Oxygen Pure System is especially recommended to:

  • people who carry out activities in public spaces
  • practitioners, because there is a permanent risk of transmitting bacteria and viruses
  • city dwellers, because the air in the urban environment is heavily polluted
  • rural areas where there is a risk of pollution by herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, allergens
  • sick people or in the post-operative period, people with low immunity
  • allergic people, asthma sufferers
  • pregnant women and postpartum families, families with babies and young children
  • pupils and students
  • overweight children and adults
  • the elderly, pet lovers
  • performance athletes, because Oxygen Pure System strongly energizes the whole body. This effect is natural, lasts a few days and is not detected at the anti-doping control.

It's multifunctional

  • It microbiologically purifies the air, water, food, liquids, various objects, materials and surfaces.
  • It irreversibly decomposes harmful chemical formations: toxic substances, heavy metals, free radicals, etc.
  • In a few minutes it destroys parasites, bacteria, and dangerous viruses: Salmonella, E.Coli, Listeria, Giardia, Disenteriae, Micrococcus Aureus, Botulinum, hepatitis A and B viruses, etc.
  • It removes indoor mold from walls, fungi, moths, beetles and mites.
  • It eliminates parasites, artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, E-foods, etc. from food.

The only system that:

  • Has the highest sterilization power - much higher than chlorine and UV rays in operating rooms.
  • Purifies water removes color, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals and odors.
  • Quickly removes various organic and chemical odors, even the strongest ones: cigarette smoke, fire, burns, mold, cooked food, fuels, varnishes and paints, rotten meat, sweat, the smell of animals house etc.
  • Eliminates unpleasant and persistent odors from cars, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, cellars, closets, refrigerators, closets, shoes, clothing, mattresses, pillows, carpets, drapes, and upholstery, but also various containers or pipes.
  • Has therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of over 200 diseases.

It's unique because:

  • It incorporates microbiological purification technology at the molecular level, without chemicals.
  • It structures water molecules, oxygenates them, and balances its pH to alkalinity.
  • Restores strong bioenergetic properties to water and oils.
  • The principles of functionality are similar to those existing in nature.
  • It does not work permanently, but only in short programmed cycles.

More than that:

  • It's protected by sturdy housing, which excludes the risk of injury to children.
  • It is easy to use and has simple controls with a digital timer.
  • It has no motors and fans, does not disturb the air, does not produce drafts, and does not lift dust from the ground.
  • Oxygen Pure System does not use filter cartridges to accumulate dirt and bacteria inside it.

Only Oxygen Pure System:

  • It is entirely environmentally friendly and biocompatible.
  • It has small dimensions and the shape of a 8 inch cube.
  • It is compact, portable and quiet, weighing only 2.2 pounds.
  • No consumables and maintenance required.
  • It has the lowest power consumption.

Water, Air, Food

To stay alive, our body needs three main elements.
As PURE as Possible.
As ECO as possible. As Bio as possible.

The problem of air pollution:

Air is the main element in sustaining life. Without air, the body dies. When the oxygen becomes insufficient, the immunity drops sharply and the diseases appear.

Unfortunately, the air we breathe is so polluted that the maximum permissible norms are exceeded several times in some cities.

Continuous inhalation of air polluted with harmful chemicals (such as heavy metals, smoke and smog compounds, or mold spores) leads to an alarming increase in cases of disease.

Numerous studies have shown that continuous daily exposure to air pollutants promotes the onset of chronic diseases, such as:

  • dysendocrinopathy neurovegetative dystonia
  • mental dystonia
  • respiratory ailments
  • bang
  • allergies
  • asthma
  • emphysema
  • cardiovascular and endocrine pathologies malignant tumors

Crowded environments with electronic devices are another significant danger to human health. All electronic devices generate electromagnetic radiation and eliminate many ions (+), in the air, that are harmful for health.

It has been found that a large number of ions (+) in the air overexcites the body and lowers its pH to an acidic one, which generates changes in plasma composition and hydro-mineral balance. Consequently, various enzymatic, neurohormonal, metabolic, circulatory disorders, etc., occur.

In contrast, ions (-), found in the fresh mountain air, in the forest, or on the seashore, positively affect the body.

At the same time, it helps to increase the pH, calms the body, and creates a beneficial, alkaline environment.

The optimal functioning of the body is ensured only by a good balance between negative and positive ions.

The problem of polluted water:

Water is the primary source of life for all living things.

The human body contains more than 70% water. When the amount of water decreases by only 10%, abnormal manifestations begin to occur in the body, and the aging processes accelerate.

Water deficiency leads to abnormalities at the cellular level, thickening of the blood, problems with the kidneys, liver, and skin, disorders of the cardiovascular, endocrine, or gastrointestinal system, etc.

Health depends directly on the amount of water consumed, but its quality influences it.

Unfortunately, although it has passed through filtration systems, drinking water from the tap contains millions of harmful particles of organic and chemical nature.

The causes of water pollution are multiple, the main ones being:

  • insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers in the agricultural sector
  • animal excretions
  • chemical detergents
  • domestic wastewater
  • different chemical industries
  • garbage in cities secondary pollution with various wastes
  • faulty sewer systems etc.

Aware of this danger, people adopt different solutions: boiling water, consuming flat water, using filtration systems, etc.

Unfortunately, even flat water in stores is far from pure. In most cases, it is treated with chlorine and packaged in plastic containers that produce carcinogens, such as halogenated compounds.

Chlorine-treated water is a natural health hazard.

The chlorination process is the most commonly used method for water disinfection. But chlorine kills germs in the water and harms the human body, affects the gastrointestinal tract's airways, and attacks the eyes and skin tissues.

The problem of ​injected food

Our body cannot sustain itself in life without air and water, and however, it obtains vital energy from five primary sources: protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

We hear more and more about organic food. But how many of the products in the stores are organic natural?

In order to increase production and control pests, most farmers and animal breeders use insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, genetically modified mixtures, etc.

Along with food, we also consume these harmful substances, which have entered the structure of the food and which cannot be eliminated neither by simple washing nor boiling. Artificial growth hormones, antibiotic residues, genetically modified organisms, heavy metals, parasites - all accumulate in the human body and become one of the leading causes of disease and tumor development.

Artificial hormones and antibiotics in meat, fish, and eggs cause severe hormonal imbalances, early development, and obesity, especially in children and adolescents.

Important to know about HOUSING

Think for a few seconds about your KITCHEN!

  • Every time you cook, it fills with moisture
  • Here you store garbage, but also here you fry or boil food
  • Fat-soaked steam is deposited everywhere
  • Flies lay their eggs and leave their droppings
  • Bacteria nest in grease stains, dish sponges, cloths, kitchen towels

If you want to know what's going on in the BATHROOM ...

  • It's the room with the highest humidity and condensation
  • It is the place where dampness often develops
  • This is where you store your dirty linen
  • Fallen hair, skin and nail debris, soap, and body oil streaks feed on mold.
  • No matter how clean you keep it, the bathroom is an insufficiently ventilated place with a risk of mold.

And now let's take a look at the LIVING ROOM

  • It's the busiest room in the house.
  • On the couch, you smoke, sleep, nibble on cookies, drink coffee.
  • That's where your cat or dog leaves their hair and saliva and, with them, billions of germs and microparticles of excrement.
  • It has the highest amount of dust, a cocktail of bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold spores, and other harmful chemical particles.

Do you think that the BEDROOM is the safest place?

  • It's the place where you spend at least a third of your life
  • In the bedroom, you have code red mites nesting in pillows, mattresses, and duvets
  • Up to 100,000 mites can live in your mattress
  • To restore the body's immune reserve, you need a healthy sleep and a clean environment, free of these microorganisms that eat you alive!

How air filters contaminate our homes.

Nowadays there are dozens of air filtration systems with different shapes and controls, but they all have the same operating principle and are composed of three main modules. The housing with the control panel, inside which there is an electric fan, and the filter cartridge.

With such a system, the air in the room is absorbed by the fan and forced through the filter cartridge. Harmful micro particles mixed in the air pass quickly through the filter, and medium and large particles become blocked and form a thick layer of pressed dust on the surface of the cartridge.

In this layer of dust, various bacteria, fungi, and viruses develop, with optimal conditions for multiplication, namely, constant temperature and high humidity. With the help of the permanent flow of air generated by the fan, millions of bacteria, viruses, and allergenic particles are detached from the dust layer and spread directly into the room.

No cartridge air filter eliminates bacteria, viruses, allergens and parasites.

Cartridge air filtration systems still have a big problem:

The continuous flow of air from the device produces a strong current that lifts dust and dirt from the floor and mixes them in the mood to breathe. On the one hand, it filters; on the other hand, it contaminates the air with viruses, dust and allergens.

Last but not least, conventional filtration systems have a high purchase price, to which are added considerable monthly expenses for electricity consumption and consumables - those expensive cartridges, which must be permanently replaced because they are soaked in dust.

Due to temperature differences, central ventilation systems and air conditioners create even more significant problems, such as condensation inside the pipes. Such a place through which the air passes is the perfect environment for the development of pathogenic bacterial flora.

If we consider their poor maintenance, the fact that they are not cleaned in time, and the consumables are not changed over the years, it becomes obvious why the Oxigen Pure System purifier is a great solution and utterly free from the risks and problems of a classic filtration system air.

Do you want efficiency? Choose the best!

Oxygen Pure System advantages over other purifiers.

Do you feel powerless, exhausted, tired quickly
Do you have trouble sleeping, falling asleep, and sleeping restlessly?
Do you suffer from dizziness, headaches, allergies?
Do you catch a cold and recover?

The weakened immune system is to blame.

What is the immune system?

Each body is endowed with an immune system - a complex of organs, cells, and tissues responsible for defending the body against pathogens. When the immune system is strong, it finds the resources to identify the dangerous factors inside and out and fight them to the point of annihilation. When the immune system is weak, the disease finds a way to settle.

Why and when does our immunity decrease?

In order to function optimally, the immune system needs air, water, and quality food. Suppose the air, water, and food consumed are chemically and microbiologically pure. In that case, the immune system does not consume valuable energy and resources to "cleanse" them of various bacteria, viruses, toxins and chemicals.

But in the hectic and polluting environment of cities, we depend on more and more…

  • the water is contaminated with chlorine, heavy metals, viruses, and pathogenic bacteria
  • the oxygen level in the air is very low
  • er is infested with allergens, fungi and molds, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals
  • the buildings are made of synthetic materials that contain chemical pollutants
  • food is most often chemically processed, genetically modified, and infested with pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones
  • electromagnetic radiation is present everywhere

Under such conditions, the immune system weakens rapidly and becomes inefficient, and the disease finds favorable conditions and develops rapidly.

Immunity drops sharply:

  • when we are stressed or upset
  • when air, water, and food are polluted
  • when we are not sleeping or having trouble sleeping
  • when we are very tired and devitalized
  • when we are deficient in vitamins and minerals
  • when we suffer from other chronic diseases that eat away at our resources
  • when we take demanding treatments when we take antibiotics

Symptoms of a weakened immune system

Among the most obvious symptoms of low immunity are:

  • repeated respiratory viruses
  • persistent hoarseness in non-smokers
  • continuous fatigue
  • exacerbation of pre-existing chronic diseases
  • inflammation of the lymph nodes
  • muscle aches, allergic reactions
  • weight loss or sudden weight gain
  • sleep disorders poor intestinal transit

How do we strengthen our immunity?

We can make a significant contribution to strengthening our immune system by:

  • we choose organic, organic food
  • we use environmentally friendly, non-polluting construction materials
  • we purify water, air and food

What is the use of ozone therapy?

  • Revitalizes the whole body / Improves health
  • Strengthens the immune system / Produces general relaxation
  • Quickly relieves various pains / Has a strong analgesic effect
  • Normalizes blood pressure and breathing rate
  • The number of erythrocytes in hemoglobin increases
  • Improves attention and work capacity
  • Increases endurance / Intensifies blood circulation

At the same time

  • Normalizes central and vegetative neural functions
  • It slows down infectious processes / It is antibacterial, virustatic, and anti-inflammatory
  • Promotes concentration, physical comfort, natural balance
  • Stimulates natural detoxification, eliminates toxins, heavy metals, and free radicals
  • Increases the body's resistance to viruses and colds / Improves sleep quality
  • Increases lung capacity / Accelerates the assimilation of vitamins
  • It has anti-allergic effects / Relieves irritation of the airways and nose

More than that

  • Improves visual acuity / Increases memory capacity
  • Reduces the intensity of asthma attacks / Normalizes water balance in the body
  • Soothes, sore throat, coughing, nausea
  • Normalizes hormonal balance / Decreases irritability
  • Accelerates fat burning / Has antidepressant action

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy is a method of treatment in which the primary "medicine" is ozone. The ozone molecule has a very short lifespan, so ozone must be produced and consumed on the spot.

Ozone forms a layer around our planet, protects us from radiation, and purifies the air we breathe.

Discovered in 1840 by the German chemist Christian Schonbein, ozone is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms (O3 - active triatomic oxygen).

When an ozone molecule breaks down into oxygen atoms, a large amount of energy (142 KJ) is released into the body.

The effects of ozone on the body:

  • releases energy and oxygenates the body
  • It releases a large amount of oxygen stored in hemoglobin directly into the cells
  • accelerates the processes of intracellular
  • has strong disinfectant, revitalizing, and trophic effects, analgesics, muscle relaxants, antibacterial and virustatic

Recommendations to use Oxigen Pure System

​Purification of vegetables / fruits

Oxygen Pure System, through water, acts directly on fruits and vegetables, eliminating all molecules of harmful substances. Heat treatment is unnecessary, and vegetables and fruits can be eaten safely. All vitamins, minerals, and trace elements are stored.

​Purification of meat, fish, and seafood

Meat, fish and seafood contain toxic and harmful substances, such as herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, artificial growth hormones, antibiotics, etc. These substances are hazardous for human health. They are added to animal feed for accelerated growth, prevention of various diseases, epidemics, and mortality. Animal products often host larvae and various parasites. Molecular purification of these foods with ​Oxygen Pure System before cooking eliminates all of these hazards.

​Cereal treatment

Oxigen Pure System removes bacteria, parasites, pesticides from flour and cereals, which increases the shelf life several times.

​Basement treatment

Treating cellars with Oxygen Pure System quickly suppresses the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold inside, which significantly increases the shelf life of food. Improves the quality of stored food without the use of harmful chemicals protects against pests and parasites, thus considerably increasing the pasteurization of food.

Refrigeration sterilization

Due to specific bacteria and vapors from stored food, refrigerators and odors often appear in refrigerators. Sterilizing the refrigerator with

Oxygen Pure System destroys bacteria, mold and eliminates unpleasant odors, increases the shelf life of stored products.

​Sterilization against bacteria and viruses

Oxygen Pure System sterilization eliminates all types of bacteria and viruses is much more effective than UV radiation from hospitals or commercial chlorine-based disinfectants. With strong bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, and sporicidal properties, ​Oxygen Pure System acts on the cell membrane structure of bacteria, fungi, viruses, resulting in the blocking of reproductive functions and, in a short time, their destruction.

​Driving away beetles / mice / rats

Oxygen Pure System chases away cockroaches, mice, and even rats. Beetles exposed to the action of the Purifier ImmunOcube lose their ability to reproduce and then go into a coma and die. Turn on the device 5-7 times a day in places where cockroaches or mice appear.

​Removal of indoor mold and fungus

The main effect of Oxygen Pure System on indoor mold is to suppress its growth and growth functions quickly and, ultimately, destroy existing colonies. Oxygen Pure System primarily attacks indoor mold spores and then annihilates the entire colony.

​Elimination of mites / bedbugs / moths

It is very difficult to detect moths hidden in closets, ticks, and mites in linen, mattresses, blankets, and pillows. Oxygen Pure System works through the air, quickly penetrates the smallest and most remote places, and quickly eliminates moths, mites, bedbugs, and ticks. All you have to do is put the Oxygen Pure System purifier in a closed cupboard or in a plastic bag with infected clothes or through the sink to treat the underwear and clothes soaked in water.

​Disinfection of drinking water

The effectiveness of Oxygen Pure System increases in liquid media several hundred times. In the process of purifying harmful microparticles, they are forced to detach from water molecules, oxidize and decompose into simple formations without the possibility of forming new bonds. This eliminates various chemicals, colors, and odors, making the water pure, clear, and pleasant.

​Treatment of fleas/ticks on pets

Oxygen Pure System purifies clothes, underwear, and various materials. It successfully eliminates fleas and ticks on pets by treating their fur and protects against the risk of infection by being bitten by parasites.


Oxygen Pure System disinfects and sterilizes baby clothes and underwear and eliminates various allergens without the use of harmful chemicals. Such a procedure prevents the appearance of skin diseases, allergies, and rashes. It is also recommended to purify the water used in baby baths with Oxygen Pure System to increase the pH and eliminate chlorine, chemicals, and allergenic compounds.

Aquarium maintenance

Oxygen Pure System's weekly purification of aquarium water treats and prevents fish and plant diseases. Oxygen Pure System quickly destroys bacteria in the water and thus prevents fermentation processes in the soil, which in turn has a positive effect on plants and fish.

Removal of dandruff

Rinsing the hair after washing with water-activated with Oxygen Pure System improves metabolic processes in the hair roots and regulates the functioning of the seborrheic glands. Being a solid antibacterial, Oxygen Pure System stops and prevents inflammatory processes in the scalp; as a result, acne is eliminated in a short time.

Removal of chemicals from the air

Oxygen Pure System effectively eliminates biological contamination and various hazardous chemicals mixed in the air, such as toxic substances, formaldehyde, chemical vapors.

Acne treatment

Rinsing the face with Oxygen Pure System water-activated significantly improves metabolic processes in the skin. Being a powerful antibacterial, Oxygen Pure System stops and prevents inflammatory processes in the skin; as a result, acne is eliminated quickly.

Eliminate unpleasant odors

The most common causes of odors are various bacteria. Oxygen Pure System effectively removes odors because it eliminates their cause - bacteria. Oxygen Pure System stops the degradation and spread of mold inside, and it quickly removes various organic and chemical odors.

Treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

In the case of gastrointestinal tract diseases, it is recommended to consume water activated with Oxygen Pure System. Due to its antibacterial, healing, and alkaline properties, this water with therapeutic properties helps to eliminate many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is recommended to consume 2 liters of water per day in several portions, preferably between meals.

Removal of fungi from feet and hands

Due to its strong antibacterial properties, water-activated with Oxygen Pure System deeply disinfects the skin easily destroys skin and nail fungus colonies. In the case of fungal infections, the duration of treatment is 2-4 weeks and another 2 weeks after the onset of healing. To increase the effectiveness of this treatment, it is recommended to apply compresses on the affected areas at night with the prepared oil.

Gynecological problems

Bacteria and fungi cause most gynecological diseases. Such diseases are very difficult to eliminate and, to annihilate the bacterial flora, antibiotic-based drugs are often used, which have side effects. Water prepared with Oxygen Pure System is a powerful natural antibacterial with no side effects. Freshly prepared water is used for vaginal washing (with the help of an irrigator) in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. After washing, it is recommended to apply the prepared oil.

Oral hygiene

Rinsing the mouth with water-activated with Oxygen Pure System quickly eliminates unpleasant odors, prevents inflammatory processes, treats and keeps teeth and gums healthy. The same procedure is recommended for infectious diseases of the throat and nose.

Baths in therapeutic water activated with Oxygen Pure System

Baths in water-activated with Oxygen Pure System are very beneficial because they stimulate peripheral circulation, normalize blood pressure, quickly heal wounds. Effectively fights skin diseases, accelerates detoxification processes, improves respiratory function. Quickly eliminates fatigue, depression, muscle aches, regulates sleep, thoroughly disinfects body skin.

Ways to use Oxygen Pure System

Purification of air, water, food

  • Recommended purification time, depending on the area of a room with a height of 2.8m *.

    05-15m2 - 05-10min.

    15-30m2 - 10-15min.

    30-60m2 - 15-20min.

    60-90m2 - 20-30min.

    * If the height of the room is more than 2.8 m, the action cycle of the Oxygen Pure System device should be increased by 5-10 minutes compared to the recommended time.

    After setting the selected cycle, turn on the appliance by pressing the “POWER” button. The beep will signal the automatic end of the duty cycle.

    For optimal results, on average, only 3-5 cycles per day of 5-30 minutes are enough, depending on the volume of air in the room to be purified.

    It is recommended to keep the distance of min. 2m from the device in operation.

    Most people feel comfortable using the Oxygen Pure System device, even if they are in the same room. However, given that there are people with certain sensitivities (babies and young children), some precautionary measures are recommended.

    During the operation of the Oxygen Pure System device, the presence of sensitive persons in the respective room is avoided, the windows and doors must be closed, and after the audible signal, when the device is switched off, the room must be ventilated.

    If you already own a cartridge-based air filter, it is recommended that you use Oxygen Pure System in parallel.

    Otherwise, you may be left with dust on the cartridge and air infested with bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Water and food purification

The Oxygen Pure System device is used successfully for molecular purification oxygenation, raising the pH of alkaline water, and eliminating harmful substances from various foods such as vegetables, fruits, meats or beverages.

  • For this purpose, the Oxygen Pure System device is equipped with the dispersing device - a microporous quartz disc attached to a connector hose made of medical silicone. The free end of the hose is inserted and fixed into the work hole, which is located in the upper right corner of the Oxygen Pure System device.

    For maximum efficiency, place the dispersion disc at the bottom of the container, and the liquid should be as cold as possible (5-20˚C). Under no circumstances should you try to purify hot or hot water. The container is also preferred to be made of glass, ceramic, stainless steel, or enamel. Be as high and narrow as possible at the top. After use, rinse the dispersion disc with a stream of water.

​Oxygen Pure System sterilizes clothes and bed clothes

Sterilization and removal of odors and allergens from clothing, underwear, duvets, and pillows

There are situations where sterilization of clothes, linen, towels, pillows, and duvets becomes mandatory. This is the case for babies, pregnant women, or people allergic to detergents and dust mites immediately after birth. But it is also the case of people with infectious diseases such as flu, pneumonia, scarlet fever, measles, rubella, chickenpox, tuberculosis, diphtheria, whooping cough, people with open wounds, or various skin problems, etc.

The Oxygen Pure System purifier sterilizes clothes, linen, towels, pillows, duvets and completely eliminates toxic substances, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, detergent allergens and unpleasant odors.

​For best results, the items to be sterilized are placed in a new, clean, hole-free plastic bag.

The dispersion device, connected to the Oxygen Pure System device by a silicone tube, is inserted into the clothing bag. The dispersion device must be placed between the clothes.

The bag is tightly tied to the mouth around the hose, through a knot, with the help of a scotch tape or elastic, taking care not to crush the connector tube. Oxygen Pure System is set up and running on the 10-minute cycle. After turning off the appliance, open the bag and ventilate it for a few minutes.

After this procedure, clothes, linen, and towels will be free of bacteria, viruses, dust mites, or traces of allergenic detergents.


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